30 reasons to put Field Tracker Pro on your farm

  1. You’re in the driver’s seat - enter as much or as little information as you deem useful.
  2. Flexible – have as many or few fields and users as your operation requires.
  3. Flexible – code fields of different farms using a prefix for easy and fast access.
  4. Field Tracker Pro allows for multiple users with different levels of access (from view only to view and add records up to the administrator level which allows for setting changes).
  5. It’s easy and fast to add or/and change users.
  6. You can give a crop specialist ‘viewer’ access to review the summary of field activities to assist in making decisions or give a crop advisor access to input crop planning details.
  7. A crop advisor having been given access can monitor your field activities to assist with decision making.
  8. It’s easy to review all entries for a particular field by scrolling through the ‘view activity report’. 
  9. Cost effective....one annual payment keeps the dedicated space available for data and the updates are implemented seamlessly.
  10. Safe & secure – every user requires a username and password to access your Field Tracker Pro account.
  11. Field Tracker Pro information is protected from damaged or lost smartphones. Just get a new phone and sign in. All settings and information is still in place. It’s easy.
  12. You will never lose your inputted data and never have to run a backup. All data is stored  and automatically backed up multiple times each day.
  13. Field Tracker Pro allows you to record seed/fertilizer/spray requirements ahead of time and then have this information at your fingertips in the field when time is of the essence and every tractor and operator is busy.
  14. Crop planning activities can be printed out on a field by field basis if a hard copy is required.
  15. Field Tracker Pro allows you to record field activity ‘as it happens’. While the auto steer takes care of driving, you can update your cropping records.
  16. When entering spraying activity, the ‘days from seeding’ and ‘today’s date’ are automatically populated.
  17. When deciding on a spray regime you can check back on the field’s spray history in seconds.
  18. When recording forage cuts, days from last cut is automatically calculated.
  19. In forage and straw production a wide variety of units are available.
  20. Crop scouting observations are easy to record on the spot and on the spur of the moment.
  21. In crop scouting, days after seeding and today’s date are automatically populated.
  22. Multiple year field data allows you to check field history ‘on the spot’ to assist in making a better decision today.
  23. Switching between years in a single field is easy.
  24. Harvesting crop delivery details can be entered ‘on and go’ and accessed by other members of the crew.
  25. Recording crop delivery details is flexible.
  26. All crop delivery details are at your fingertips for review, anytime, anywhere.
  27. All the field information is at your fingertips all the time. No guessing, no going back to the office, no calling home… it’s right there on your smartphone or tablet.
  28. All field names and acreage can be copied in one click to begin the next year’s planning and record keeping cycle.
  29. The economic benefits are straight forward. Less time spent and more complete accessible records equals dollars in your pocket.
  30. The social benefits of a farmer coming in late knowing that everything is done-up and recorded cannot be measured but are felt by those closest to him/her.