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Training Videos

The following is the complete list of our current training videos found on YouTube. The videos will show you how to make use of Field Tracker Pro to track your farm's crop activities from a mobile device or desktop computer.

  1. Quick Tour of Field Tracker Pro with Janet and James Parsons
  2. Weather, Reports, Menu,... Find out what's new in version 1.3
  3. How to get up and running with Field Tracker Pro
  4. Overview of a two app benefits and features
  5. How to record spray details in the app - What's New since v 1.1
  6. How to record tillage details in the app
  7. How to record manure details in the app
  8. How to record broadcast fertilizer details in the app
  9. How to record seeding details in the app
  10. How to record spray details in the app
  11. How to record irrigation details in the app
  12. How to record crop scouting details in the app
  13. How to record harvest details in the app
  14. How to record straw details in the app
  15. How to record hay details in the app
  16. How to manage multiple users in the app

Handy App Hints

Do you want to give access to your crop advisor?

It is easy to give your crop advisor access to your Field Tracker Pro account. On the 'Years' page select 'Settings', then 'Manage Users'. Here you can give access to family members, employees, and crop advisors up to your subscription limit. You can also restrict the access you grant by selecting the appropriate User Group setting. At any time, you can block access to an individual by sliding the 'Active' button to 'Disabled'.

What happens if I lose internet connection?

Field Tracker Pro is still available for viewing offline. It is important to note that only pages previously accessed with the device can be viewed. Unfortunately, new data cannot be added while offline, but all your planning information will be there.

Did you know you can quickly jump to a different year to check past data?

The button in the top right corner displays the year you are currently working in. By clicking the Year button you can quickly jump to a different year while staying in the same location in the app. For example, if you are viewing Broadcast Fertilizer information, you can easily check what was done in a prior year by clicking the Year button, see your past data, and jump right back to the current year.

Want to copy forward your field details to a new year?

At any time you can 'Add a New Year' on the Years page to carry forward your Field Details. So when you are starting to plan for next year, it would be a good time to create that new year and select the button to copy the field details. Another hint for those who grow overwintering crops such as winter wheat: Our testers reported they created a new year at the time of seeding in the fall so that the harvest seasons matched across all crops. For example, in the fall of 2013 we would create 2014 and copy forward all field details. At the time of seeding that overwintering crop, the seeding date is recorded in the 2014 year activities when you record the actual seeding date (eg. October 15th, 2013).

Have you tried Field Tracker Pro on different devices?

Field Tracker Pro works great on all current devices such as BlackBerry, Android, Apple and Windows smartphones and tablets, and also on desktop browsers such as Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. At startup, our testers report entering their field names and details was best done on larger keyboard devices like a desktop or tablet for ease of typing.

Field Tracker Pro is absolutely confidential.

Your Field Tracker Pro app is completely secure with a username and password access. Only you can give users access, and we at Farm-Apps Inc will never share or grant access to third parties.

What happens if I change my device or lose it?

Your Field Tracker Pro account is available to you on any compatible device at any time. Simply login with your username and password. Your Field Tracker Pro information is securely stored in the cloud and regularly backed up so nothing will be lost even if your favorite smartphone goes for a swim.

How fast is Field Tracker Pro?

Field Tracker Pro operates as quickly as your internet connection and device or computer's processor. In fact some of our users on the new BlackBerry Z10 are amazed by the navigation speeds.