Field Tracker Pro Enhancement History

V1.3 - Released August 10, 2014


V1.2 - Released August 8, 2013

  • General Enhancements:
    • Security improvements
    • Various performance improvements
    • Improvement to date selection: days dropdown now lists the correct number of days found in the selected month/year and updates in real-time
    • Can now change crop years from the "Fields" screen
    • Multiple minor enhancements
  • Hay Enhancements:
    • Addition of new dates and input fields: raking date, harvest date, harvest moisture, location stored
    • New tip popups to provide guidance to users


V1.1 - Released June 4, 2013

  • General Enhancements:
    • Bookmark reminder now more prominent with multiple device graphic
    • Can now send app link to a device email from Bookmark and Settings screens
    • Native device autocomplete has been disabled on auto calculated fields to prevent miscalculations
    • Version number now provided in "New app version is available" prompt
    • Edit Hay - Previous cut input box has been hidden when inputting first cut for ease of use
    • Acre/hectare dropdowns now default to acre instead of hectare
    • Simplified the free trial sign up form - now collecting less information from new users up front
    • Copying of planned details notice (popup) disappears on its own after one second
    • Multiple minor performance and layout enhancements
  • Spray Activity Enhancements:
    • Addition of "Planned Details" and "Planned Speed & Pressure" sections
    • Addition of an actual coverage area input field for automatically calculating the total product and/or water used
    • Total product calculation can now be overwritten manually to allow for the actual use of product
    • Automatic acre/hectare conversion for total product calculation
    • Automatic calculation of product/water totals and rates
    • Addition of "Weather Details": temperature, cloud cover, wind speed, wind direction
    • Addition of REI (Re-entry Interval). The re-entry date is auto calculated based on the time period entered (can also be overwritten manually)
    • Addition of PHI (Pre-harvest Interval). The re-entry date is auto calculated based on the time period entered (can also be overwritten manually)
    • REI and PHI are flagged red where re-entry date has not passed in spray records listing
    • View our spray tutorial video on YouTube
  • Field List Enhancements:
    • New REI and PHI date indication next to field name when re-entry dates have not passed
    • Can now search through field names quickly by typing a few characters in a search input box